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Back at The Spot all weekend 11-6.  627 Queen St W #handmade #craftshow #queenst #Toronto  (Taken with Instagram)
Last day at The Spot! 627 Queen St W. Come by and say hi!  (Taken with Instagram)
I made this here felt carrot for @TheSpot_TO next weekend!  (Taken with Instagram at Colborne Ontario)

I now have an Etsy shop!

If you would like to visit it, go here.

Craft show time!  (Taken with instagram)
Little foxy fox!  $28 each
New little houses. Gonna make them into a wall hanging for the First Sunday Stroll show!

Welcome to Ardently Yours!  I’m a crafty femme living in Toronto, though my heart is buried in the soil of rural Ontario.  I’ve been working primarily with felt as a muse for two years and am bravely forging my way into the indie craft scene.  This is my first attempt at blogging, so bear with me. 


Family of robots!  Smaller ones are $30 and the larger guys and gals are $38!  
Loving the colour of my new pears!  $10 each.